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International Traineeship Programme

The international traineeship programme is an opportunity for specially selected students at Aarhus Business College to do a one or two-year traineeship abroad as part of their vocational education and training.

The programme is unique because it alternates between practical training at a host company on the one hand, and attending college either in Denmark or online on the other. The fact that the students can continuously and directly apply new theory in their work as trainees adds a special dynamic element for the host company.

The international traineeship programme is also an important aspect of the college’s strategy “educating, engaging and empowering our students for a global world”, as having the opportunity to gain international experience early on in life is crucial for our students’ future careers.

Employing a trainee from Aarhus Business College will give your company the chance to recruit from among the cream of the students who have completed a Higher Commercial Examination or a Higher Vocational Business Programme for trainee positions within sales, administration or retail.

Students who commit to working as trainees for twelve months, except for when they return to Aarhus Business College 2 to 3 times a year to attend classes within their particular line of specialisation.

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Students choose from 3 different tracks

Aarhus Business College recruits only the best students for this programme, and the students specialise within one of the following tracks: sales, administration, retail.

3 tracks

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