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Daniel – a Viking in Berlin

Skrevet af liro torsdag d. 7. juni 2018

As a student at Aarhus Business College you have the possibility of applying for the Training Abroad Programme. Berlin, London, Vienna or anywhere else in the world, you are guaranteed an amazing experience.

Daniel Bisgaard Kristensen moves a garden chair, opens the till, and the first customer of the day enters the shop. Daniel is a trainee at the furniture group Möbel Wikinger where he will be staying for a year. He passed his A-levels last summer and wanted a gap year, but not just a gap year spent behind the till in the local supermarket – Daniel wanted to go abroad and learn something at the same time.

”In the future, I want to work in B2B and as Germany is Denmark’s largest trade partner, Denmark’s most important export market, I believe it would be an advantage to learn German. On top of that, Berlin is a super cool city. Even on a tight budget Berlin offers a perfect cocktail of everything and there is always something going on in bohemian Berlin.”

The Scandinavian Viking

As trainee at Möbel Wikinger Daniel has several different tasks to attend to. First of all, he is there to sell furniture to the customers, secondly there is a number of administrative tasks such as processing order confirmations and ordering new supplies for the store.

”I talk to suppliers regularly, I am very much part of daily operations and I can share my ideas on how to improve the store and the store manager actually takes my ideas into consideration. That is just so cool.”

With his very Scandinavian looks, Daniel is 6 ft 3, has blond hair, and blue eyes, it is Daniel’s experience that customers at Möbel Wikinger enjoy talking to him.

”Customers always tell stories from holidays in Denmark such as they have visited the Queen’s castle in Copenhagen, have been to the beaches along the West coast etc. That is really good fun.”

Life in Berlin

When Daniel isn’t selling furniture, he goes to the local gym. Sometimes he meets up with other Danish trainees in Berlin to go out for a meal in one of the many adventurous kitchens setting the food scene in Berlin or to watch a football match.

”This is a small, Danish community where people are always ready to join me in whatever I plan or suggest.”

In Berlin, Daniel shares a three-bedroom flat right in the heart of Berlin with another Dane who also works as an intern.

”The coolest thing about Berlin is there is always something to do. In the summer, there is open air karaoke in Mauer Park every Sunday. There is a beach bar with a pool next to the river Spree. On top of that there are hundreds and hundreds of really good restaurants.”

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

At work, Daniel only speaks German.

”My German is far from fluent, but with a bit of German, a smile, and my Scandinavian looks, I get the job done.”

At the beginning, he found it quite daunting having to talk German, but after a while, he became more confident.

”My German has improved incredibly. Furthermore, I have learnt a lot about furniture and running a store – all important experience for my future career.”

”Training abroad is an experience for life.”


Aarhus Business College partners with a vast number of companies in Europe.

The companies forward job positions within retail, trade, and administration to the international office at Aarhus Business College which the carefully recruited students for the Training Abroad Programme apply for.

The companies invite the candidates for an interview and decide which student(s) they wish to employ for the next year. Approx. twice during the year of training abroad, students return to college for one to two weeks of classes.

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The key to success has been network and a deep respect for our partners. In London in particular, it is important to be present and we regularly visit London to meet with our ever growing network.

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