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Welcome to Aarhus Business College

Aarhus Business College is Denmark’s oldest and second largest business college, with a history going as far back as 1865, more than 3,200 students and 350 full- and part time employees

Who we are

The main activity of Aarhus Business College is to offer national vocational and business education, and training programmes in Denmark.

These programmes are regulated and supported by the Danish Ministry of Education and by a large number of advisory bodies including representatives from various labour market organisations.

In our efforts to create modern learning environments, the college actively supports the current development of applied methodology, involving interdisciplinary learning, integration of theory and practice as well as distance learning.

What we do

Since its foundation in 1865, the College has developed from being an evening school offering courses for retail trainees and retail supervisors to a modern business college, offering, among other things, upper secondary education programmes for young people aged 16-19. AABC students can attend one of the two following programmes:

1. The higher commercial examination or HHX programme

A three-year programme, where the emphasis is on vocational perspectives. The aim of providing a qualification for academic studies is realised within the areas of business economics and socio-economics combined with foreign languages and other general subjects.
The education programme aims to develop the students’ capacity for in-depth studies and their understanding of theoretical knowledge as tools for analysing realistic issues.
Some fields of study:

  • English
  • Business Law
  • Marketing in a global context
  • International Economics

2. The vocational education and training programmes or VET programme

The Danish vocational education and training programmes are alternating or sandwich-type programmes, where practical training in a company alternates with teaching at a vocational college. Aarhus Business College offers educational programmes within the business area, allowing our students to specialise within:

  • Commerce
  • Administration
  • Retail
  • Finance

The programme consists of two-year on-campus training followed by a two-year apprenticeship.

International collaboration at overseas destinations

Aarhus Business College has a large number of partner institutions in both Europe and at overseas destinations in, for example, the USA, Vietnam, and Australia, where AABC students attend courses in marketing, entrepreneurship, business studies etc. as well as being introduced to the culture of the country in question. The students also visit a wide variety of companies to learn about different corporate cultures.

International traineeships

Our students must have strong competencies to meet the requirements of the globalised world, and by providing our students with the opportunity to study abroad, we expand their future career options. Students who have studied or trained abroad meet the requirements of the international labour market for flexibility, independence and the willingness to embark on new challenges – also in a different culture.

The programme entails:

  • AABC students who work abroad for typically 12 months,
  • an education where the students also attend two to three courses per year of one or two-weeks’ duration at Aarhus Business College, Denmark,
  • a fantastic opportunity for any company to tap in on the Danish and Scandinavian approach to thinking, working, and behaving.

AABC encourages the most talented of our students to train one year abroad and the students recruited for international traineeships specialise within:

  1. administration,
  2. sales or
  3. retail.

Skandium’s experiences recruiting retail interns from Aarhus Business College has been a very positive one. Following a thorough interview process involving Skype and face-to-face interviews here in London. The first year, we found two candidates matching our requirements. The second year, we went one step further and employed four candidates, all boasting:

  • Independence,
  • fluent spoken English,
  • relevant experience, and
  • a can-do-attitude.

Jan Vejsholt

Managing director, Skandium

What’s in it for you?

The traineeships form a vital part of the college strategy and as our students’ possibilities of gaining international experience is of utmost importance to their future career, this recruitment service is free of charge for your company.

You will profit from employing:

  • a student with drive and motivation to obtain international experience as part of his or her education,
  • a competent young person eager to work, learn and embark on cultural and linguistic challenges in a new work environment,
  • a person that will bring professional skills from their business education in Denmark,
  • a person that can provide relevant information about business practices in Scandinavia that may be of value for your company.


Period of placement and start date

The period of placement is one year (can be extended for another year) and the start date is around 1 August/1 September or according to your requirements.

The trainees are responsible for finding their own accommodation during their stay.


The trainee must attend courses at Aarhus Business College during the year (no costs involved for your company).

Working hours and salary

It is full time and the salary is appx. £ 1,000 or € 1,000.

The trainees have 20–25 days of holiday per employment year


The trainee must be covered by your company’s industrial injury insurance and your employee’s liability insurance

Have a look at our international brochure

Any questions?

Lone Hansen
Director of International Programmes and Relations
+45 22 49 90 59lhan@aabc.dk
Jesper Krogh Schlosser
Business Development Specialist
+45 23 41 33 42jeks@aabc.dk

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