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International Traineeship Programme

The international traineeship programme is an opportunity for specially selected students at Aarhus Business College to do a one or two-year traineeship abroad as part of their vocational education and training.

The programme

The programme is unique because it alternates between practical training at a host company on the one hand, and attending college either in Denmark or online on the other. The fact that the students can continuously and directly apply new theory in their work as trainees adds a special dynamic element for the host company.

The international traineeship programme is also an important aspect of the college’s strategy “educating, engaging and empowering our students for a global world”, as having the opportunity to gain international experience early on in life is crucial for our students’ future careers.

Employing a trainee from Aarhus Business College will give your company the chance to recruit from among the cream of the students who have completed a Higher Commercial Examination or a Higher Vocational Business Programme for trainee positions within sales, administration or retail.

The recruitment process is anchored in the college’s strategy, and we conduct several interviews and workshops with applicants so your company can expect

  • a student with drive and motivation to obtain international experience as part of his or her education,
  •  a competent young person eager to work, learn, and embark on cultural and linguistic challenges in a new work environment,
  • a person that will bring professional skills from their business education in Denmark,
  • a person that can provide relevant information about business practices in Scandinavia that may be of value for your company.

Students who commit to working as trainees for twelve months, except for when they return to Aarhus Business College 2 to 3 times a year to attend classes within their particular line of specialisation.

Aarhus Business College recruits only the best students for this programme, and the students specialise within one of the following tracks: sales, administration, retail.


This track is primarily aimed at companies involved in the sale of products and/or services to other enterprises (B2B). In theory as well as in practice, the focus is on finding and supplying services which add value for customers, and determining the significance of this value for the company’s economy.

The tasks of an employee in a sales function vary greatly from job to job, but often involve:

  • handling customer enquiries
  • sales to existing and new customers
  • updating website/webshop
  • participating in trade fairs and customer visits
  • optimising the customer base.

I returned to Denmark for two weeks of education at Aarhus Business College. The education was overall educational and I really enjoy that it was more practical based instead of repetition of terms. This means that the focus was on the company we worked in and how we would use different tools. The teacher was a passionate man, and he really knows his stuff. He pointed out that you forget the customer after they have ordered and that you actually can provide a service that creates great the value for the customer after the sale happened. That lesson is something I will take back to Honeyrose. The education I received in the two weeks was insightful and I will definitely try using it at Honeyrose Bakery.

Christoffer Grosen

Trainee at Honeyrose Bakery, organic handbaking - "we taste good, we do good", London


The tasks of an employee in an administrative function vary greatly from job to job, but often involve:

  • internal and external correspondence
  • planning meetings
  • project coordination
  • process descriptions
  • order processing
  • customer contact
  • updating websites
  • finance
  • procurement.

The track is primarily aimed at ensuring that the trainee will be able to independently handle a wide range of the administrative and business functions, and thereby contribute to the growth and development of your business.


This track is primarily aimed at shops engaging in sales to consumers (B2C). The tasks of a retail trainee comprise sales in the shop, servicing customers, displaying products and all the other work involved in running a shop.

A trainee will normally handle tasks such as:

  • sales dialogues with customers
  • following up on customer orders
  • restocking shelves etc.
  • adjusting the product displays
  • ensuring that the shop is ready to receive customers.

I have received extremely relevant training on how to become a better Sales Assistant. Knowing how to read and interact with customers, as well as discovering the specific customer’s needs, are just a few of the issues we have been working with, which has prepared us all for the busy day that awaits, when we get back. Learning how to master our own personal appearance in terms of body language and choice of words has also been discussed.

Sune Viberg

Trainee at Skandium, London

Skandium’s experiences recruiting retail interns from Aarhus Business College has been a very positive one. Following a thorough interview process involving Skype and face-to-face interviews here in London. The first year, we found two candidates matching our requirements. The second year, we went one step further and employed four candidates, and this year we are employing six trainees from Aarhus Business College, all boasting:

  •  independent,
  •  fluent spoken English,
  • relevant experience, and
  • a can-do-attitude.

Jan Vejsholt

Managing Director, Skandium